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Delivery Models

OSPRO Delivery Models

OSPRO collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses. OSPRO has over 6 years experience in industry with proven track record. OSPRO can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improve their performance.

OSPRO completes its successful implementation of JD Edwards ERP for a company which is into Office Furniture and Baby care products in Indiana, USA.

We maintain our Mission that is "Deliver business-enabling solutions and technologies by creating partnership with our customers in a joyous environment for our people."

OSPRO Software (P) Ltd currently employs over 75+ people. Recently, we acquired an 8,000 square foot building to house our corporate functions and a development center. When round the clock or even lower cost development is desired and achievable, our US project management team can utilize the resources of our development facility in Bangalore, India.

OSPRO goal is to reach CMM Level 5.

On Site

Our On-Site Support Services include the full spectrum of Java, Java EE / J2EE, .Net & ERP support. On the maintenance side, our support ranges from the task of training the end-user to maintaining the system free of errors. These services are complemented by common move, add, and change and all matter of system upgrades.

Committed to delivering innovation, OSPRO collaborates with its clients to help them achieve high performance. Our professionals leverage leading-edge technologies and tools to identify new opportunities and drive business process improvements on-site.

IT is the backbone of a business efficiency eco-system and we provide complete solutions to address all aspects of your business, and across the entire chain - from conceptualization, to implementation and actually running the process for you.

OSPRO On-site services include:

Desk side support

Server management

Network management

Databases Management

Service Desk

Web application development in Java EE / J2EE(Java, JSF, JSP/Servlets, EJB, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script/JQuery, AJAX, Hibernate, Oracle)

Web application development in .Net (C#, ASP.NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script/JQuery, AJAX, SQL Server)

Web site development in PHP/MySQL, Joomla, WordPress etc with SEO

Web Site development, Hosting and Maintenance

MS Silver Light Development

MS Share Point Development

Microsoft ERP Customization

JD Edwards ERP Implementation

JD Edwards ERP Upgrade

JD Edwards ERP Production Support

Off Site

Selecting the right IT Outsourcer in today's overcrowded market place is no simple task. Yet, building and maintaining in-house competence and consistency is an even more frustrating venture to undertake. Tapping into strategic IT Outsourcing relationships are industry best practices that safeguard against technical obsolescence and create resourceful partnerships for delivering financial advantages. OSPRO IT Outsourcing Services have been meticulously fine tuned for delivering strength and stability backed by knowledge and superior innovation. Our vital, cost-effective services provide the finest solutions for the current IT Outsourcing landscape.

Near Shore

Nearshore rates tend to be higher, the overall cost of nearshore engagements is equivalent or less than offshore, because of the efficiency gains that working in close proximity to the US and in the same time zones can bring. Through the use of a mature and disciplined process, the Near Shore model is much more efficient in achieving higher percentages of work performed at a lower cost location than offshore. We must reiterate on the caveat that a mature and disciplined process is needed to achieve such levels of nearshore usage.

In nearshore history, we have evolved our value proposition from being strongly supported in delivering services from a nearby location, to one that helps our clients to globalize their IT operations, reduce the complexity of service management, optimize cost and support the evolution of the business.

Global Delivery

OSPRO pioneered the Global Delivery Model (GDM) to ensure the distribution of application and business process lifecycle activities and resources, while ensuring their integration. We fully understand that successful implementation engagements require both on-site client engagement to drive process design and business change while simultaneously leveraging the significant cost and time zone benefits associated with cost effective off-shore and near-shore, round-the-clock delivery centers. Our global delivery model does not treat off-shore as an afterthought; we fully integrate our off-shore capabilities into our implementation and application management methodologies to ensure that the value of expensive onsite resources is fully optimized.

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