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Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare IT Solutions at OSPRO

OSPRO is a leading provider of healthcare information technology solutions for laboratories, hospitals and physicians.

From its headquarters in Cape Coral, FL, OSPRO serves hundreds of clients across the United States, Canada and around the world.

Our mission is to help healthcare providers improve patient care by lowering their costs through the use of information technology.

OSPRO enables its customers to integrate disparate healthcare information systems and improve the communication, accuracy, and flow of clinical information.

OSPRO healthcare solutions improve the quality of patient care at a reduced cost, achieving positive return on investment.

OSPRO's healthcare IT integration, applications and connectivity solutions result in improved outreach and increased provider satisfaction.

OSPRO offers domain expertise in the following areas:

Application development,

Medical technology,

Clinical laboratory operations,


Databases administration,

Software project management,

Physician workflow,

Customer service,

Business administration.

Our dedicated team works together to serve the needs of our clients and to enable physicians to easily access and use accurate, up-to-date patient information.