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Medical Billing, Claims & Collections

Medical Billing Claims, Collections at OSPRO

We are one of the leading medical billing outsourcing company offering high quality services to our clients. Our current information Databases helps us perform greater in-depth analysis and research, which in turn translate to accuracy and reliability in medical claims management. OSPRO has experience with most of the popular billing software applications.

At OSPRO, we use HIPAA compliant VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to access your systems. Our staff will perform the medical billing functions on your systems, exactly the way they used to be done, the only difference being that they would be physically in our facility. This means that all your processes and reports remain exactly the same.

Our service provides daily, weekly and monthly reports to you thus keeping you updated on all aspects. We will customize reports with information you specify. We do all of this while providing the utmost security, following all HIPAA regulations.