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Quality Assurance and Testing

QA Testing at OSPRO

Your own dedicated team - talented QA engineers who are completely familiar with your product, processes and people.Daily reports and constant, effective communication - we make sure you know what you need to know, when you need to know it. We will work with you to quickly fine-tune reporting procedures so they are just the way you want them to be. Communication is crisp and clear. A commitment, among everyone on your team, to deliver, just as you would hope we will. A dedication to solve the problem, whatever it is. Problems are simply opportunities to find a new solution. All of our managers and engineers share this attitude about their work

Manual Testing Solutions

Manual testing is crucial to guarantee high-quality performance. We have found that the best possible results are achieved when automation is supplemented with an appropriate manual component. Manual Testing is also the most effective method for User Interface Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Usability Testing and testing of Error Handling, Installation and Security. Tests are executed to verify that your software runs properly and without defects on each required platform.

Automated Testing Solutions

OSPRO's extensive experience with software products, testing methods and automated test development tools allows us to efficiently evaluate your application and recommend the test development tools that best fit your needs. We work with a wide variety of test tool vendors, allowing us to provide informed, objective advice on test tool selection. OSPRO has a host of Automated Testing Services to help your organization incorporate automated testing into your quality assurance process.

Performance Testing Solutions

Customer loyalty can be directly attributed to the user-friendliness of your application or website. Failure to deliver 100% availability, flawless performance and a positive experience may impact your company's revenue and reputation. How do you really know if your application is ready for launch and is capable of handling the volume and functions of users before it malfunctions?

OSPRO's services - performance, load and stress-testing - will provide you with detailed information regarding the stability of your site, software and end-user experience.

Stress & Load Testing

You are about to launch a new marketing promotion on your website. As a result, you are expecting a large increase in traffic to the site. The servers may or may not be able to handle the sudden increase. Not sure what your web, application and Databases servers limitations are? Stress and Load testing will answer the question, "At what point will my servers overload and crash?" In stress-testing your servers, an intense workload will be generated quickly to stress the application to its limit.

Capacity & Scalability Testing

Capacity and Scalability Testing focuses on proactive solutions to problems that can arise when increased page requests lead to a decrease in response time. Rather than frustrate your users with slow loading and "error" messages, why not avoid these problems from the get-go with OSPRO's rigorous testing?.

Our services will ensure that increases in your website traffic do not impact site performance or end-user satisfaction. OSPRO can design and execute automation tests that will simulate an increase in traffic to your site and measure the performance, stability and responsiveness of your servers. Results of the tests will be analyzed and reports will be created that detail the health and capacity of your servers during the simulation.

Security & Privacy Testing Solutions

We spend a lot of time and effort on providing the most robust security and privacy testing services for our clients, to help them meet - and exceed - industry standards in these two mission-critical areas. Our goal is to help our clients plug their software security holes during the development process, which is the best time to incorporate security and privacy elements into an application.

Security can be breached or compromised in countless ways; unfortunately some situations that may contribute to these risks are not recognized until exceptional conditions occur. For example, what happens if your website becomes swamped with an unusually high number of users? Which security holes are opened up, as the protocols and infrastructure becomes stressed? Our security testing service will address these concerns by artificially creating scenarios that mimic these types of activities, while simultaneously evaluating components that are susceptible to security breaches.

We use a threat modeling (or risk modeling) technique to prioritize security testing and to maximize both the quantity and severity of the flaws we uncover. We offer both white hat and black hat testing and internal and external pen tests. Our team will augment your internal security expertise to help you shorten your "time to value." You will be able to leverage independent and expert security ratings, while implementing secure coding best practices globally across your product line.

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